Legislative Archived Minutes

May 18, 2013

SB0558 – Land surveyors (Signed by Governor earlier this week)
Revises the law on the registration of land surveyors to provide instead for the registration of “professional surveyors”. Includes Certified Photogrammetrist Language, GIS / Geospatial Language, and definitions of what is and what is not Authoritative Surveyed Data. www.in.gov/apps/lsa/session/billwatch/billinfo?year=2013&session=1&request=getBill&docno=0558

HB1155 – Mortgage recording fee (Pulled this session by County Surveyor’s Association)
Increases from $3 to $8 the fee to be collected for each mortgage on real estate that is recorded. Requires the $5 increase to be deposited in the county surveyor’s corner perpetuation fund.

HB1219 – Privacy of home addresses (Passed both Houses)
Beginning July 1, 2014, allows a city, town, county, or township (unit) that operates a public internet website database containing the names and addresses of property owners to establish a procedure to permit a law enforcement officer, a judge, or a victim of domestic violence who participates in the attorney general’s address confidentiality program (covered person) to restrict disclosure to the general public of the covered person’s home address. Provides that a covered person must submit a written request to a unit in order for the unit to restrict access to the covered person’s home address through a public property data base web site.

February 21, 2013

The committee has generated its strategic plan for 2013 (www.igic.org/committees/2013committeeplans.pdf).

August 16, 2012

The Legislative Guide booklet was critically reviewed and is being updated in preparation of the 2013 legislative session. As part of any proposed legislation to the State Assembly, a Fiscal Impact Statement will need to be submitted. The numbers and strategy are still being worked out. A list of possible State Assembly “Champions” is being developed. Contacts and appointments will be sought this fall.

  • Anna Radue has had an initial conversation with Rep Peggy Welch. She knocked on Anna’s door campaigning the other day, so Anna invited her into her home where they discussed the need for sustainable GIS funding. Anna gave her a copy of our current Legislative Booklet.
  • Peggy indicated she was on the State Budget Committee which is meeting in Bloomington in October, and she was willing to help us get on the agenda for the October meeting. She asked that Anna email her.

June 21, 2012

The Committee is still seeking a new state legislative champion. Currently, members of the Committee have met with State Senator Ed Charbonneau (5th, northwest Indiana, Appropriations Committee, R) and are seeking a follow-up meeting with him. While he ultimately may not be interested in being our champion, he certainly will be able to advise us toward that end. Nevertheless, a short list of other candidates is being drafted.

Additionally, draft legislative language is still being fine-tuned, and the Legislative Booklet is being updated and refined.
Various Committee members have gathered “Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System” (MS4) metrics to develop a Fiscal Impact Statement for proposed legislation.


April 19, 2012

The Committee learned of the USGS effort to garner support from 11 federal agencies for a national LiDAR initiative. Each agency would contribute $10M annually, to be augmented with contributions from the states, for the National Digital Elevation Program (NDEP) beginning in FFY14 (1 Oct 2012-30 Sep 2014).

The Committee is still seeking a new state legislative champion. The names of numerous state senators and representatives were discussed, and contacts will be made soon, now that the Indiana Legislative Assembly has adjourned its business for the year.


February 16, 2012

The Committee developed a set of goals for the coming year:

  • Ensure sponsorship of the GIS funding legislation
  • Work toward passage of the proposed legislation
  • Continue to educate legislators and those in statewide organizations about IGIS’s GIS initiatives
  • Conduct a GIS Workshop for Assessors

December 8, 2011

The Committee met on November 11th. Topics discussed included:

  1. Updated LC Booklet
  2. Update on Legislative Services review of our proposed amendment to GIS Law
  3. Proposal to Tami Martin, Grant County Assessor for IGIC to present GIS education workshop topics to the County Assessors Association at their next conference
  4. Local Government GIS Development / Maintenance SurveyMonkey results and action plan
  5. Propylon / Esri “Geo-designing Legislation” interest from Indiana’s State Legislature (www.propylon.com) Phil volunteered to help Esri/Propylon outreach and education in Indiana
  6. Support access to geographic information systems technology and training in local governments wwws.whitehouse.gov/petitions#!/petition/support-access-geographic-information-systems-technology-and-training-local-governments/CmNBbgTh
  7. Discussed making web maps (ArcGIS.com and printed maps for elected officials of their districts. The maps currently available on-line of the districts are very poor quality (www.in.gov/legislative/legislators/senate_district_map.html and www.in.gov/legislative/legislators/house_district_map.html)

October 20, 2011

A small number of committee members met on October 14th. Tami Martin, Grant County Assessor called in to get an update on our proposed legislation. Tami was also very interested is discussing potential topics IGIC could address in a GIS workshop for Assessors:

  • 1. IGIC Overview and Activities
  • 2. The New IndianaMap Viewer (R3)
  • 3. New Statewide GIS Projects – Broadband Mapping, Orthophotography (Imagery) Data, LiDAR (Elevation) data, Local-Resolution National Hydrography Data (NHD) Development, and the County Data Sharing Initiative (Parcels, Address Points, Street Centerlines, and Jurisdictional Boundaries)
  • 4. GIS Local Government Success Stories, and examples of GIS for Efficient Local Government, Emergency Management & Homeland Security, Economic Development, Health, Energy & Utilities, Agriculture, Transportation, Planning, Infrastructure, Management, and the Environment.


Tami will get with her Board of Directors and discuss dates/times for these events.

We met with Representative Robert Behning, House District 91, R earlier this year to discuss GIS funding for Indiana. We shared with him our draft language to amend the current Indiana Code to collect funds through additional “Sales Disclosure Fees” & “MS4 Fees”. He agreed to ask Legislative Services to review our draft language and give us their feedback on it. Results of that review have not yet been completed, but we hope to hear back soon.

The committee still needs to…

  • Finalize the SurveyMonkey poll reporting local government GIS costs
  • Make final edits to the IndianaMap Guide for the State Legislature


April 28, 2011

The Committee met on March 18th and is working on finalizing the SurveyMonkey poll of local government, and making final edits to the IndianaMap Guide for the State Legislature. A rewrite of the section on Height Modernization was finalized by working with the IGIC/ISPLS Geodetic Control Workgroup. A new release of the booklet is planned for May, as well as the Local Government SurveyMonkey poll.

February 28, 2011

The Legislative Committee continues to look for solutions to help fund GIS for Indiana. The Committee will discuss Version 8 of draft legislation with the IGIC Board after the February 28th Board Meeting.

At this time the Legislative Committee will also present a new version of our booklet the IndianaMap Guide for the State Legislature, Winter 2011. This booklet, along with other support materials will be used to support the “Talking to our local elected officials” program that was outlined at the Annual Board Meeting last February.

The “Talking to our local elected officials” program will begin with IGIC Board Members having initial discussions with their own local elected officials and state representatives to help educate them on GIS and to gain support for funding ideas. Going through this process the Committee also hopes to identify potential House and Senate sponsors / champions for this proposed legislation.

February 22, 2011

A joint County Surveyors Association and IGIC Legislative Committee meeting was held on December 4th in the Senate Majority Caucus Room at the Indiana Statehouse. Senator Ed Charbonneau from Valparaiso hosted and we had the opportunity to introduce IGIC, the GIO and the IndianaMap to the Senator. With the county surveyors, we discussed our current GIS Data Sharing Initiative between Local and State government and the need for permanent Local, State and Federal GIS funding. As a result, we all feel that we made a couple important first steps!

Since the meeting, Greg White has been working on amendment for the Indiana code section 19. It will be easier to write and to get support for an amendment rather than for a new bill. The amendment will ask for a recordation fee of $5 for every document with a legal description. Of that $3 will stay local, $1 will go to the recorder for administrative services and $1 will go to the State Office of Technology to fund the IndianaMap. The amendment will be written so county commissioners can extend or expand the fee for a year if there is a special project and revisit the following year. The amendment is now ready for open debate and there is more research being done on the fees as well. There will be more conversations on the amendment with Association of Indiana Counties, County Surveyors Association, and others to refine the language.

December 3, 2009

The Committee last met on October 30, 2009 at The Polis Center. The committee had two special guests attend the meeting: David Gaston, Hendricks County Surveyor and President of the County Surveyors Association and George Van Til, Lake County Surveyor. Both gentlemen shared with the Committee their thoughts about our organization’s past relationship, and indicated their interest to work with IGIC on topics of common interest. We discussed a variety of topics, including:

  • Sharing local data and how to pay for ongoing data maintenance
  • How to work together to advocate State funding to support local GIS funding
  • Phil Worrall outlined the Committee’s “Talking to Your Local Elected Officials” program currently in development
  • How to find new champions for Surveyors and for GIS in the State Legislature
  • Phil outlined the ISPLS/IGIC Height Modernization plan and the Indiana County Surveyors offer to team up to talk to U.S. Senators about funding
  • IGIC’s annual Indiana GIS Conference – discussed ideas on how to include local and state elected officials in the proceedings
  • Jim Sparks was invited to speak at the Road School, and IGIC to provide GIS education opportunities for surveyors at the Association of Indiana Counties (AIC) conference
  • An initial draft MOU between the County Surveyors and IGIC

IGIC and Indiana County Surveyors are definitely interested in further discussing all of these topics, and they have scheduled a joint IGIC/Surveyor’s Legislative Committee meeting for Friday, December 4th.

October 15, 2009

The Legislative Committee met on August 28th and September 18th. The Committee is working on the following:

  1. Writing a letter to new U.S. Census Bureau Director Dr. Robert Graves requesting a change in current policy to share point address data with states to support Broadband Mapping and other initiatives.
  2. Legislative Booklet materials:How to talk to your legislator – Our current plan is to have a 30-45 minute training session at an upcoming Board meeting, and to offer a mini-workshop at the IGIC 2010 Conference in February.
    • An update of the “The IndianaMap Needs You” story.
    • An explanation for elected officials on why to invest and use the IndianaMap versus Google Maps/Earth and BING.
    • A summary of IGS/UITS IndianaMap Portal initiatives and support

Our goal is to have all current assignments completed by our next committee meeting on Friday, October 30, 2009.

August 20, 2009

The Committee met on July 31st at the IGIC Office and via call-in. Attendees included: Jim Stout, Jim Sparks, Stephanie Snider, John Milburn, Jason Tuck, Greg White, Steve Leatherman, and Phil Worrall

News, Announcements
1.Phil Worrall reported on a follow up to his email of July 17th regarding the U.S. House of Representatives Subcommittee of Energy and Minerals Resources. The subcommittee held two hearings looking into (1) streamlining national mapping efforts through the NSDI, and (2) formalizing the AmericaView remote sensing program support. Testimony in the NSDI hearing was provided by Karen Siderelis, GIO US DOI, Michael Byrne, GIO CA, John Palatiello, Executive Director MAPPS, and Susan Marlow, President Smart Digital Services.

2. Phil Worrall reported that NSGIC has formally requested that the U.S. Census Bureau share their address point GIS data with/for the ARRA Broadband Mapping program. Currently the U.S. Census Bureau does not share any of the point address data they collect for the census. This policy is based on their interpretation of Title 13 privacy information. Many feel their interpretation of this legislation is incorrect and that the basic point address data collected [minus any personal information] should be publicly available to support other applications. Jim Stout suggested that the IGIC Board send a formal letter of support for this position to the U.S. Census Bureau and to Indiana’s elected officials. Phil will add this to the next board meeting agenda.

Unfinished Business
1.Status of HB1561 High speed Internet service initiative: Jim Sparks reported he is working on Indiana’s proposal for ARRA State Broadband Mapping NOFA funding.

2.John Milburn reported on his and Jason Tuck’s research of existing Indiana Code specific to the creation of administrative rules to establish fee-based program funding (e.g. IUPPS utility locate ticket fees). John Milburn will research and identify other likely fee/permit-based transactions in IC that could potentially include GIS funding (e.g. IDEM & INDNR).

3. Charline Avey’s suggestion regarding an IndianaMap support fee being attached to locate tickets (IC 8- 1-26) would be a good topic of discussion with the Office of the Utility Consumer Counselor (OUCC). Jim Sparks has an existing relationship with both the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission (IURC) and the Office of the Utility Consumer Counselor (OUCC). We should prepare specific talking points/questions for an initial conversation with the OUCC.

4. “Meeting with Our Elected Officials Grass-Roots Initiative”

  • Stephanie Snider reported on her geocoding efforts for all of our IGIC Board and Members. The process is complete, but many addresses are the business address versus home address. We need to request the home address for our Board Members to be sure and geocode those into the correct district for their local and state elected officials.
  • Supporting documents for outreach. Phil Worrall will set up an OpenGoo project for the Legislative Subcommittee collaborating on our local government outreach program documents. As soon as our outreach support documents are ready we will have some initial conversations with the elected official we know. Greg White volunteered to pilot this program through the Lake County Surveyors office and his northwest Indiana contacts (Rep. VanDenburgh and others). We will also ask Anna Radue to talk to Rep. Pierce, and Phil and Andrew Harrison to talk to Sen. Gard. Phil will also talk to Scott Schneider who has just replaced Teresa Lubbers.

June 18, 2009

The Legislative Committee met on Monday, April 24th and May 29th via conference call and at the IGIC office. Dave Coats discovered an existing Federal GIS program (Palanterra – https://www1.nga.mil/NEWSROOM/PATHFINDER/0605/Pages/Palanterra.aspx ) focused on special national events (e.g. Presidential Inauguration, Super Bowls, etc). An interesting aspect is that Senator Richard Lugar was a sponsor of the original bill that created this program.

Other items discussed:

  • Status of HB1561 High Speed Internet Service Initiative – The bill was signed by the Governor on May 12, 2009. The Indiana Office of Technology has released a 1-page Request for Information soliciting information about Broadband Mapping.
  • John Milburn is researching existing Indiana Code for references to geographic data.
  • IGIC Legislative Booklet – Phil Worrall distributed an initial draft of a Version 2.0 update to the original “The IndianaMap Needs You” story from the 2008 Return on Investment report. Phil has identified a number of potential existing state agency permit/fee options to include in Version 2.0.
  • Upcoming IGIC Strategic Planning Retreat topics for the agenda and discussion were suggested, including stimulus tracking, funding, and the IndianaMap.

April 16, 2009

At its April 13th meeting, HB1561 High speed Internet service initiative, legislation which is being tracked by the Committee, was discussed. It currently has IGIC and the IndianaMap identified as a recipient of the broadband GIS mapping data layer created through this legislation. John Milburn is working on researching existing Indiana Code for all references to maps or mapping. Chair Phil Worrall received feedback from Representative Matt Pierce regarding holding a summer study session to help identify permanent IndianaMap funding mechanisms. Based on this feedback, the Committee decided to take a different approach to educating legislators. First, a section on funding will be added to the current IGIC Legislative Booklet to use when having a discussion with legislators and affiliate organizations.

Second, the Committee will research holding summer 2009 education session(s) to educate members of the State Legislature, Governor’s Office and Lieutenant Governor’s Office Staff, and affiliate organizations like the Association of County Surveyors, Indiana Association of Cities and Towns, and the Indiana Economic Development Corporation. The goal is to educate them on the benefits of the IndianaMap (both data and technology) to support economic development and economic stimulus dollar projects across Indiana.

At the April IGIC Board meeting, it was suggested that the Committee put together a “Meet With Your Legislators” program. All Board Members would contact and meet with their state representatives (or their legislative assistants) to discuss the IndianaMap Return on Investment and to advocate funding for the IndianaMap. NSGIC’s (National States Geographic Information Council) national advocacy information will be used to prepare instructions for conducting these meetings; specifically, the Committee will review the NSGIC National Advocacy Request for support of HR 1520 – Federal Land Asset Inventory Reform.

It was also suggested that, because the current US Geological Survey (USGS) National Map funding paradigm is upside down, IGIC actively support and promote a National Map roll-up funding model for the IndianaMap. This roll-up model would spend money at the local government level to create and maintain the authoritative data, provide funds at the state level to aggregate, homogenize, and distribute the trusted data through the IndianaMap, and then have the USGS harvest the state-level data for the National Map at the Federal level. IGIC’s current FGDC Data Sharing Initiative and other proposed USGS Partnership Fund projects Make Indiana a perfect model for promoting this as a nationwide strategy.

February 16, 2009

The Legislative Committee has already met twice this year to begin moving initiatives forward. It is too late to sponsor or even amend an existing bill to include any GIS initiatives for 2009, but there are still things to accomplish within this legislative session. A number of GIS framework data layer initiatives have been identified in the Federal Economic Stimulus package. The Committee intends to pursue these with both Federal and State agencies, and directly with the Governor’s Office.

Jim Sparks has a new point of contact at the Governor’s Office, Jessica Norris (Legislative Liaison for the Governor’s Office). Jessica attended the February 6th Legislative Committee meeting along with David Pippen (Governor’s Office Policy Director for Environmental and Natural Resources). This was a great opportunity to meet, and a lot of time was spent providing background information for them on existing IndianaMap IC, past IndianaMap projects, and the plans and funds necessary for future plans.

The Committee plans to submit a more formal list of projects and benefits to the Governor’s Office, the Indiana Secretary of Commerce (Mitch Rood), the Indiana Economic Development Association (Mike Heaton / Dennis Maloy), and the Indiana Association of Regional Councils ( Anne Trobaugh & Lisa Gehlhausen).

John Milburn has researched the existing Indiana Code for any references to map/maps/mapping, GIS, spatial, etc. John identified 128 Indiana Codes with these keywords. He has entered them into a categorized spreadsheet with hyperlinks to the specific Indiana Code.

Action items for upcoming months include:

  • Identify bottom-line funding and proposal for the IndianaMap Portal and Indiana University-UITS
  • Identify forward-looking projects and funding for the IndianaMap Portal and Indiana University-UITS
  • Identify potential permanent funding sources within State Government
  • Research additional sources for permanent ongoing funding of the IndianaMap from existing State of Indiana fees/permits
  • Meet with lawmakers in key standing committees and State agencies to look for new GIS legislation champions like Scott Reske, Win Moses, Matt Pierce, Barry Wood, and Mike Heaton
  • Research within State Government potential changes to the language of existing Indiana Code related to GIS

January 15, 2009

The Legislative Committee met on January 12th at The Polis Center. The Committee discussed making initial contacts with the State Legislature and within the Governor’s office to look for new GIS champions. Investigate opportunities for IndianaMap funding within existing Indiana Code.

Action items include:

  • Jim Sparks: Follow-up with new point of contact in the Governor’s office. Invite Jessica Norris to next Legislative Committee Meeting.
  • Jim Stout: Contact DLGF to discuss parcel transaction fee options.
  • Randy Smith: Contact Representative Scott Reske to discuss GIS support.
  • Sarah Rossier: Contact Representatives Win Moses and Matt Pierce to discuss GIS support.
  • Anna Radue/John Steinmetz: Draft 1.0 of IndianaMap Portal Budget.
  • John Milburn: Research Indiana Code for existing requirements for Maps/GIS, etc.
  • Phil Worrall: Research additional “Fee/Permit” based funding opportunities for the IndianaMap.

The next meeting is scheduled for Friday, February 6th from 1:30 to 3:00pm at The Polis Center.

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