Lorraine Wright Retires from IDEM

Lorraine_ Wright -Aug-21-2014

Lorraine Wright, one of the founding members of the Indiana Geographic Information Council and Indiana’s Annual GIS Conference retired last week from the Indiana Department of Environmental Management.

The IGIC Board celbrated Lorraine’s retirement at our August 21st Board of of Director’s meeting.  In 2010, Lorraine was also the recepient of IGIC’s David C. Ford Award recognizing her many contributions to Indiana’s GIS community.

Although retiring from her day job, the good news is that Lorraine will continue to be involved in IGIC and the various committees she is a member of, as well as remain as chairperson of our Boundaries, Cadastral and PLSS Workgroup.

Congratulations Lorraine!  Lorraine’s new email address is: Lorraine_wright@att.net


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