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February 21, 2013

The committee has generated its strategic plan for 2013 (

August 16, 2012

The Committee did not meet during this period, but is planning to address issues related to the 2012 Membership Drive in the next months.

April 19, 2012

The Committee met once during this period to discuss progress on current goals. The shifting in the month for the Annual GIS Conference (from February to May) has impacted the rate of IGIC membership renewals. We will evaluate where we stand after the conference.

Deb Kuehn has agreed to become co-chair of the COmmittee. Welcome!


February 16, 2012

In 2011, the Committee helped to increase membership from the low 300’s to nearly 350 members. The goal is to continue this trend by adding an additional 10% in 2012.

December 8, 2011

Charline is still looking for someone to be a co-chair of this committee with her! The 2012 IGIC Membership drive was discussed at the IGIC December Board Meeting.


October 20, 2011

Charline Avey is still looking for someone to be a co-chair of this committee with her!

The committee met on October 17th to discuss the kickoff of our 2012 IGIC Membership drive. An initial call for 2012 membership will be sent out to the full listserv on November 1st, followed by existing member renewal notice on November 7th, followed by group membership renewal (Enterprise, Corporate, and Institutional) on November 14th. No price increases or changes are planned for the 2012 membership and sponsorship packages.

April 28, 2011

The Committee did not meet during this period.

February 28, 2011

The Membership Committee will review membership categories in 2011 after the GIS Conference and continue to consider new member only benefits. The Committee will also create a new salary survey and provide a summary web report this summer. The Committee will continue to explore IGIC membership benefits and fundraising opportunities.

December 3, 2010

The Membership Committee met via telephone conference October 25, 2010, at 1:30pm, and discussed ways to make the November 10th regional dinner meeting at South Bend a success. Committee members sent emails to their own support groups to encourage attendance.

The Committee reviewed IGIC web page content and made recommendations regarding which pages are restricted to IGIC members-only and which are viewable by the general public. For 203 of 380 pages will be made members-only. For 7 of 15 pages will be made members-only, there will be no restrictions to access the IGS IndianaMap Viewer or the UITS Spatial Data Portal from the web site. IGIC staff will implement these changes ASAP in December 2010.

October 21, 2010

The Membership Committee met via telephone conference September 8, 2010, at 1:30pm. The Committee discussed the salary survey report and graph formats. This report is now available as a member-only benefit on the IGIC website.

A membership sub-committee successfully coordinated and hosted IGIC’s first ever golf outing. The event was held at Saddleback Golf Course on September 21, 2010 and was great fun!

Registration for the next regional Geo-dinner meeting November 10, 2010, at South Bend, is open. Representatives from the historic Lincoln Highway Association and from Notre Dame University will give presentations.

August 19, 2010

The Membership Committee met via telephone conference June 21st. The first annual Salary Survey closed July 1, 2010, with 265 respondents. The survey results will be available to IGIC members only as a membership benefit from IGIC’s website soon. A membership sub-committee is working on the September 21st golf outing at Saddleback Golf Course, September 21, 2010, at 1:00pm. The event fee is $75.00. Janet Tomlin is soliciting event sponsors and prizes. Plans for a dinner meeting November 10, 2010, at South Bend, are in progress.

June 17, 2010

The Membership Committee met via telephone conference May 24th. IGIC’s first annual ‘Salary Survey of GIS Professionals in Indiana’ is in progress with 123 respondents. The Survey will close July 1st with the results available to IGIC member on the IGIC website in late July.

The Committee discussed new membership rates and sponsor packages and approved a draft 2011 Membership and Sponsor Plan. The Conference Committee, Executive Committee, and Finance Committee all reviewed and suggested changes to this new plan prior to the June 17th Board meeting.

The Committee continues to work on details for the South Bend November 9th dinner meeting and the September 21st golf outing. The Committee is also looking into the potential of providing ‘IGIC Gear’ products and services through the web site.

April 15, 2010

The Membership Committee met via telephone conference Tuesday, March 30, 2010. The Committee discussed creating a GIS Salary Survey for IGIC members-only viewing on the IGIC web site as a value added membership benefit. Phil Worrall reviewed NSGIC sponsorship categories and the Committee compared to IGIC categories. Further discussion regarding changing the current sponsorship category is planned for the April meeting. IGIC will sponsor regional GEO dinner meetings April 13, 2010, at Muncie and Wednesday, November 10, 2010, at South Bend. Janet Tomlin will coordinate arrangements and Phil, speakers. Dave Coats and John Hannel are coordinating a golf event for late summer or early fall. The Committee discussed a fundraising, orienteering event at Eagle Creek Park for August.

February 22, 2010

The Membership Committee met on January 25th. Several activities are planned for next year in order to increase member awareness and networking opportunities. The next dinner meeting will be held in Muncie, Indiana on April 13, 2010. The fall meeting will be in South Bend, Indiana on November 9, 2010. Janet Tomlin will be looking at locations and will make the best choice based on her findings. A golf outing is in the works and Dave Coats and John Hannel have volunteered to help plan for a late summer or early fall event. We will also be planning an Orienteering Event. The Committee will also be working on a salary survey.

December 3, 2009

The Membership Committee met on November 18th. At the request of the IGIC Board, the Committee reviewed the Membership/Sponsor Plan for appropriateness of the categories and clarity of the wording. The Committee explored an alternative plan with expanded categories and felt it may be appropriate in the future to expand the categories, but at this time it is not worth the cost of redesigning the eCommerce website. A revised Membership/Sponsor Plan with unambiguous descriptions will be presented to the Board. The Committee also talked briefly about the success of the first dinner meeting which was held in Lafayette on November 10th.

October 15, 2009

The Membership Committee met on October 5th. The Committee reviewed the Membership/Sponsor Plan to be presented to the Executive Committee. The Committee set a goal of increasing the membership base by at least 10%. Several activities are planned for next year in order to increase member awareness, networking opportunities. The first dinner meeting will be held in Lafayette on November 10th. Janet Tomlin will be looking at locations and will make the best choice based on her findings. There are plans for two dinner meetings next year, a golf outing, orienteering event, plus the educational events that the Education Committee plans. There was a discussion on partnering with the Boy Scouts on the Orienteering Event. This is going to be explored to see what can be done. The next meeting is scheduled for December 7th.

August 20, 2009

The Membership Committee met on July 21st and August 10th. The meetings focused on further development of member benefits. The members-only area of the website was discussed and items that might be included in that area to increase membership value. The Committee discussed the possibility of holding membership meetings in areas across the state for increased visibility. Janet Tomlin will look into holding this type of meeting in the Lafayette area sometime this fall (October/November). The possibility of having a publication where advertising will be sold was discussed and Janet will be putting together a prototype for review. A report was given on the membership drive, which shows membership up by 10 since the last report and Janet reported that the fee for TrueNorth for the Urban Orienteering Event was covered by sponsor donations.

June 18, 2009

The Membership Committee met on June 4th. Discussion focused on:

  • Developing membership benefits
  • GISP credits
  • Hosting a GIS troubleshooting listserv similar to IGTLA (Gov IT listserv)
  • IGIC website members-only content – white papers, salary survey and future content
  • Biggest goal – GET MEMBERS: Drawing for $100 gift card for bringing in new members
  • Clay coat thank you for corporate and institutional members
  • Advertising in agendas for state meetings and in newsletters
  • Setting up booths at colleges at back-to-school events, awards for students, etc.
  • Press releases
  • Publicity committee remodeling
  • Fundraising: Janet Tomlin will be meeting with Jeff Coates (TrueNorth) to talk about putting together an event with just members. This probably will not raise any money for members but will be a pilot for a potentially larger event.

April 16, 2009

The Membership Committee will be working with Janet Tomlin and the Publicity Committee to reach the goal of doubling IGIC’s membership in 2009.

Febraury 16, 2009

The membership committee is making an effort to reach people who are not familiar with IGIC and the IndianaMap. In partnership with the Indiana Underground Plant Protection Service (IUPPS), IGIC board members made presentations at the Indiana Pipeline Awareness Association Workshops held across the state. Of the 21 workshops held, IGIC was represented at 14 of them. The people attending were primarily emergency responders and each meeting had at least 35-40 attendees with several having over 70.

The Membership Committee will be working with Janet Tomlin and the Publicity Committee to reach the goal of doubling IGIC membership in 2009.

Febraury 18, 2008

The Membership Committee has been discussing ways to build membership. Material was presented for pricing on a banner. Because our promotional materials are so closely associated with PR material the Education and Outreach Committee is developing, it was decided that this information would be turned over to the Education and Outreach Committee. Some of the poster and other materials being developed by the Education and Outreach Committee will be eligible for a small grant that we have.

The plans to target different groups and review our membership benefits will be prioritized. IGIC will be targeting the legislature next spring to advocate funding for the IndianaMap. There could be 3 to 6 groups that this would effect. Targeting those groups first to get their people involved would be one of the first priorities.

Membership flyers are to be updated. Plans are to work with the Education and Outreach Committee in pursuing how we can work with different groups – assessors, realtors, auditors, surveyors, etc. – to offer continuing education credits for certification. The membership Committee will plan on a combined conference call and maybe get Lorraine Wright involved because of her experience in setting up continuing education certification.

In summary, we will: prioritize our list of groups; work hand in hand with the Education and Outreach Committee; and get materials or information to conferences of groups already in our organization. The last item is to be discussed at the annual business meeting. The IGIC Board will also be asked to provide ideas for possible discounts and benefits.

January 17, 2008

The Membership Committee decided to include anyone who applied for membership after October 1, 2007 as members for 2008.

The wording for proxies has been amended in the IGIC 2008 handbook which will be distributed to Board members at the annual meeting in February.

Matt Colley reported on the 2008 GIS conference announcement included in the IUPPS Newsletter and at the December IUPPS Board Meeting. There were good responses from attendees, and several requests for information from the newsletter, which was sent to 3,800 people. Matt also described a current training program that IUPPS is running that would give IGIC an opportunity to include a brochure in a training packet. The training is called INPPA Emergency Responder Training, and it teaches emergency responders how to manage pipeline emergencies across the state. The group discussed getting the IndianaMap brochure reprinted and placed in the update packet that will be given to the attendees. Jill will look into the cost timing of getting the brochure reprinted.

Joan offered to add mention of IGIC at the end of her presentation at the Vector Control State Conference. It was suggested that the membership committee develop a traveling promotional display that could be used by any Board member when attending meetings. These promotional materials could be available on the website for download whenever a Board member or member wants to approach a new group. These materials should include brochures, posters, and other printable materials. Jill suggested developing targeted materials for specific groups as an option. Joan will also reach out to the Ball State Geography Department for student involvement at the upcoming GIS Conference.

A list of potential groups to target was discussed and the committee will request suggestions from the Board at the next meeting, and enlist their help in getting the word out to under-represented groups.

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