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The IndianaMap Data Sharing Initiative
This summer IDHS, DLGF, the State GIO, and IGIC sent a letter to the county commissioners of all 92 Indiana Counties requesting participation in the IndianaMap. The request was a formal invitation in the form of a MOU for each County to share four (4) framework GIS data layers to help build the statewide IndianaMap. The four GIS data layers requested are land parcels, point addresses, local roads and jurisdiction boundaries.

To support County participation, IDHS is providing a $14,894 sub-grant to each County EMA Director through the "2007 Web GIS Grant" program. The sub-grant money will compensate counties that stand up a Web Feature Service (WFS) to share the four layers with IDHS and the IndianaMap. These four critical data layers will be stitched together to create seamless statewide coverages to support homeland security, economic development, transportation planning, and other regional and statewide activities. These sub-grant funds are now available, and each County must submit their grant proposal through their EMA Director.

IGIC has been sponsoring IndianaMap Road Show events around the state to help get the word out about this initiative, and more Road Show events are planned (see the next newsletter item for details). To date 20 Counties have agreed to the data sharing MOU. Details about this request and a map showing the current status can be viewed on the IGIC website (here).

This is an important initiative, so I encourage you to look at the map to see if your County Commissioners have signed the MOU. If not, please contact them to encourage their participation. If they have questions or concerns about this initiative, please forward their information and concerns to Jim Sparks jsparks@iot.IN.gov and myself.

Phil Worrall
Do you have questions about what the IndianaMap Project means for your city, town or county? Now is the time to have those issues addressed.

This fall, IGIC is presenting a series of Road Shows designed to inform those in local government how the IndianaMap legislation is changing GIS through the creation of a single, statewide, digital map for Indiana.

Indiana's State Geographic Information Officer, Jim Sparks, along with Phil Worrall, IGIC’s newly appointed Executive Director, will be on hand during the morning session to present the project, talk about funding options, and answer questions. The afternoon session will focus on Web Feature Services (WFS), the technology being used to combine data into a seamless statewide map.

We have already held successful road show meetings in Portage, Bloomington and Indianapolis. The following events are coming soon:

Warsaw - Thursday, November 13, 2008
Muncie - Tuesday, November 18, 2008
Ferdinand - Thursday, December 4, 2008
Sellersburg - Thursday, December 11, 2008
Terre Haute - TBD

The event is free, and a complimentary lunch will be provided.

Speaker Presentations
The following press release from ESRI recently appeared on the GIS CAFE website. Indiana Department of Homeland Security Implements GIS-Based Disaster Response System
There are currently eleven (11) different GIS day events scheduled around the State of Indiana for later this month.

DATE - Organization - City - Event Link
11/17 - Wayne County/Richmond - Richmond - ESRI site
11/19 - City of Lawrence - Indianapolis - ESRI site
11/19 - DePauw University - Greencastle - ESRI site
11/19 - Indiana University - Bloomington - http://www.indiana.edu/~gis/gisday/index.htm
11/19 - Purdue University - West Lafayette - http://gis.lib.purdue.edu
11/20 - Noble County - Albion - ESRI site
11/20 - Tippecanoe County - Lafayette - ESRI site
11/21 - Purdue Extension Hendricks Co - Danville - ESRI site
11/21 - State of Indiana (INDOT) - Indianapoli - http://www.igic.org/products/?cid=25&cid2=25
11/21 - University of Notre Dame - South Bend - http://www.nd.edu/~dpitts/gisday/
11/25 - City of Evansville - Evansville - ESRI site

For more up to date information on these events and for a list of all events currently registered on the ESRI GIS Day web site go to this link and search on Indiana: http://gis.esri.com/gisday/search.cfm

2009 Indiana GIS Conference

Have you been working hard all year on a really great project? Have you found a technical solution to a difficult question? Have you learned something from your community of users? Come share your experience at the Indiana 2009 Annual GIS Conference!!!

This is your conference - attendees like you want to hear from users like you! It is Indiana’s best opportunity to learn, share, and network with other Indiana GIS professionals!

Learn more at www.igic.org.

2009 indiana gis conference
Visit www.in.gov/igic/jobs for more information on these and other job and internship opportunities.

Indiana State Department of Health GIS Analyst
The State Department of Health is seeking an exceptional candidate to be part of the GIS team. The preferred candidate will provide geospatial analysis and development for the Epidemiology Resource Center and all other agency programs. For more information, or to apply, visit http://www.in.gov/spd/2334.htm and search by Job ID: 560487 or Keyword: GIS

Recreation Resources Intern
The Hamilton County Parks and Recreation Department is looking for an internship to assist in the data development of our recreational resources. This would include creating and updating data in the County's GIS.

Content Product Manager
The Content Product Manager is responsible for driving Digital Globe's strategy for prospectively collecting and producing satellite and aerial imagery content in a specific geographic region. Specifically, this individual is responsible for identifying and prioritizing the most critical geographic areas based on commercial customer feedback, and working with the Content team to execute this content plan.

GIS Technician/Public Safety
The City of Carmel is looking for a Public Safety GIS Technician to perform technical work functions associated with the development, maintenance and operation of the City's GIS as it pertains to public safety.

In the NOVEMBER 2008 issues of PHOTOGRAMMETRIC ENGINEERING & REMOTE SENSING (PE&RS) magazine you will find an excellent article discussing Guidelines for Procurement of Professional Aerial Imagery, Photogrammetry, LiDAR and Related Remote Sensor-based Geospatial Mapping Services (PDF Document)

This document is an good tool for government entities planning to contract for professional geospatial mapping services. If you have ever been through this process before, you know that the mapping technology and services available are numerous and constantly changing and expanding. This document does a good job of providing definitions for many of these mapping services, as well as providing guidance for contracting for professional and technical services and data products. After reading this document you will also gain a increased appreciation for IGIC's development of a statewide orthophotography plan to provide a uniform set of photogrammetric products and standards for Indiana. This ASPRS document is considered a DRAFT FOR REVIEW, with a final version planned for release in March 2009.

November 2008 Highlight Article
November 2008 Cover
The Indiana Department of Transportation has provided University Information Technology Services at Indiana University the first NAIP 2008 deliverables, 23 southern Indiana county mosaics in JPEG2000 format. Visit http://www.indiana.edu/~gisdata/statewide/08naip.html for more information or to download the data.

2008 naip
A new version of the nationwide GIS Inventory website was released on October 13th. In addition to the new design, the site now includes a powerful new search tool that lets you do keyword searched to locate data, additional layers, more help and guidance, improved speed and a data producers map.

Visit http://in.gisinventory.net to see all the new features.

.GIS Inventory
The newly revamped LakeRim website is now available! It has a great new look and lots of new data and functionality. For those of you who are new to it, “The LakeRim site serves as a focal point for research, data, maps, and tools for the Lake Michigan coastal region in northwest Indiana”. You can use the interactive mapper or download the data yourself for use in your own GIS. Don’t forget to check out the “Remediation” and “Resources” page which lists direct links to other websites with information specific to our region.

LakeRim is now at: http://lakerim.indiana.edu

Comments and feedback is welcome, and can be sent to bmckinley@hammondsd.com

LakeRim GIS Site
In the AUGUST & SEPTEMBER 2008 issues of PHOTOGRAMMETRIC ENGINEERING & REMOTE SENSING (PE&RS) magazine you will find an excellent article in the Mapping Matters column explaining the proper use of LiDAR data for terrain modeling applications.

Mapping Matters
By Qassim A. Abdulla, Ph.D., PLS, CP
Chief Scientist, Fuergo EarthData Inc., Fredrick, MD.

Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) technology is used to create accurate Terrain models for Contour Generation, 3D Modeling, and Feature Extraction of Vegetation, Hydrography and Structural features.

Dr. Abdulla start by pointing out that "The subject of point density in LiDAR datasets and the resulting accuracy of derived products are of great importance, both to users and providers of LiDAR data.", and that "Many users request LiDAR data with sub-meter post spacing to achieve an accuracy that is easily obtainable with less dense LiDAR datasets."

One typical example that is not well understood by many users is how to create contours from a LiDAR dataset. A LiDAR dataset with 2 to 4 meter post spacing is sufficient to create accurate contours, but the LiDAR data still must be augmented and filtered using 3D photogrammetric or lidargrammetry breaklines to create cartographic acceptable contours. The initial cost of raw LiDAR acquisition can be reduced for this applications if the appropriate post spacing is used, but the cost for breakline development, line buffering and point filtering must be added in.

August 2008 Mapping Matters, Part 1 of 2
August 2008 Cover

September 2008 Mapping Matters, Part 2 of 2
September 2008 Cover

Almost one full month on the job and I'm loving every minute of it! I've had the opportunity to meet with a number of our workgroups and committees and I'm very impressed with the enthusiasm and energy of these “all volunteer” teams. Additionally, the quality of the work (plans and programs) being developed by these teams of professionals is very impressive, and will go a long way to help build out our premier project the IndianaMap and to support the future for GIS across Indiana.

IGIC's goals for 2009 is to continue to develop the standards, plans and projects to build out the IndianaMap. Education opportunities designed for those new to GIS and for the professional development of our community will continue to be an important focus for IGIC. Our annual conference will be held in Bloomington this February and will provide attendees a variety of new hands-on training and technical workshop opportunities, plus both pre and post conference events are being planned. We also hope to establish some initial funding for the IndianaMap through new legislation in 2009. These IndianaMap funds will be used to develop updated/new public domain statewide data layers like Orthophotography and LiDAR surface data, and to help support local GIS projects through grants. The IndianaMap ROI report published by IGIC last month clearly shows how from the smallest to largest jurisdictions across the State of Indiana benefit from the IndianaMap initiative, and the value of accessible, seamless, and accurate geospatial data.

We need your help to continue with this good work, so I'm asking for your support through your paid membership in IGIC. This newsletter goes out to well over 1,000 IGIC listserver subscribers, but only about one-third of you are active paid members of IGIC. The cost of IGIC membership is low compared to the value that membership provides to our individual, student, corporate, institution and enterprise members. So please join or renew your IGIC membership for 2009 today. For anyone joining on or after October 1, 2008, your 1-year membership begins immediately and goes all the way through December 2009. [Join/Renew Now]

I look forward to serving you, and please contact me if there is anything I can do!

Phil Worrall

IGIC sponsored the 2008 Local Government GIS Coordinator Forum on Friday September 26th at the Indiana Farm Bureau headquarters in downtown Indianapolis. Sixty GIS professionals from across Indiana came to have their voices heard and to discuss the IndianaMap past, present and future, what current Indiana law says about sharing GIS (Electronic Map) data, current data sharing technology, our current data sharing agreement initiative, and IDHS grant opportunities available to Indiana counties participating in the program.

Currently, we have posted the forum presentations and some links on the IGIC website. An interactive web survey for attendees to provide feedback is also available [click here].

We are still in the process of transcribing and answering all the question that were discussed and submitted during the forum. These will be posted soon!
GIS Day creates geographic awareness throughout our world. GIS Day provides an international forum for users of geographic information systems (GIS) technology to demonstrate real-world applications that are making a difference in our society. More than 80 countries will participate in holding local events such as corporate open houses, hands-on workshops, community expos, school assemblies, and more.

Since 2001, Indiana University has hosted annual GIS Day events. This year, IU's keynote speaker will be Mr. Jim Sparks, Indiana State Geographic Information Officer. For more information click here for GIS Day at IU.

Location Information:
Indiana University Bloomington Campus
Herman B Wells Library (Main Lobby)
Time: 10:00am - 3:00pm

The following article appeared in the Summer 2008 issue of ESRI's ArcNews. Purdue University Students Visualize Soils and Landscapes with GIS
In the SEPTEMBER 2008 issue of PHOTOGRAMMETRIC ENGINEERING & REMOTE SENSING (PE&RS) magazine you will find an excellent article discussing current USGS and NASA planning for a National LiDAR dataset.

Highlight Article
The Need for a National Lidar Dataset
Jason Stoker, David Harding, and Jay Parrish


Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) technology is used to create accurate georeferenced 3-D models of an area in a very short time. Many federal and state government agencies recognize the value that a nation-wide LiDAR data set would provide. IGIC's own Orthophotography Workgroup has included a statewide LiDAR dataset option in our new Indiana Statewide Orthophotography Program plan.

The PE&RS cover shows one example of the wealth of information that can be extracted from a single LiDAR collection. The image was created by using a multi-band combination of bare earth elevation, height above bare earth, laser return intensity and non-bare earth slope data. These datasets were all extracted from the raw LiDAR data. The resulting pseudo-imagery can then be used to extract information such as bare earth topography, vegetation and structural information.

For more detailed technical information about LiDAR visit the Center for LiDAR information Coordination and Knowledge (CLICK) Website at http://lidar.cr.usgs.gov
If you are interested in becoming certified as a GIS Professional (GISP) please note that the Grandfathering Provision for certification closes December 31, 2008. All applications requesting consideration for Grandfathering must be postmarked by this date.

The Grandfathering Provision is intended for individuals with a long history of GIS experience that may have not had opportunities for formal GIS education. The Provision requires documentation of your Experience only and does not require documentation of GIS-related Education or Professional

You are eligible for Grandfathering if you have:
- 8 years in a GIS position of data analysis, system design, programming, or similar position.
- 13 1/3 years in a GIS position of data compilation, teaching, or similar position.
- 20 years in a GIS User Position
- A combination of the above positions that results in a total of at least 200 points as computed using the values established in the GISCI application.

For more information, review the documentation at: http://www.gisci.org/grandfathering_provision.aspx
The Indiana University GIS community is hosting the 2nd annual Earth as Art contest in celebration of GIS Day, November 19th, 2008. Participants in this contest are encouraged to create works of art based on geographic features, spatial data, or patterns/designs created with GIS software.

Mt Fuji:  Fire Over Ice

The winner will receive a $50 Visa gift card. This contest is open to the public. Registration deadline is Monday, November 17th.

For more information or examples of last year's entries, visit http://www.indiana.edu/~gis/gisday/poster.html