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Seventy-six counties have now committed to sharing basic geospatial information about land parcels, point addresses, road centerlines, and local administrative boundaries. The map below shows these in green plus the 16 Counties that are not currently sharing this data.


About half of these 76 Counties are now available for viewing on the IndianaMap - Click Here to view.

For additional information on the Data Sharing Initiative: http://www.igic.org/projects/datashare.html
The U.S. Census Bureau has released 2009 TIGER/Line Shapefiles. These files are available here:

This will be the last public release of TIGER data until early 2011.

This early 2011 release will include all of the updated 2010 tabulation geography that serves as the geographic framework for 2010 Census data tabulations (including the new 2010 Census tracts, block groups, blocks, voting districts, and much more).

Around the same time as this 2011 geospatial data release, Census will be releasing the tabular data with 2010 Census population counts down to the Census block level.

Click Here for more information, including changes under consideration and a request for input.