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Contributed by: David Nail, United States Geological Survey, USGS Geospatial Liaison to Indiana

The USGS is in the process of producing new digital US Topo maps for the State of Indiana. These new map are being produced using eight current GIS data layers available from The National Map (TNM). The new US Topo maps for Indiana are the 7.5-minute map series at 1:24,000 scale in GeoPDF format. Other map series include the 30 x 60-minute maps at 1:100,000 scale, and 1 x 2-degree maps at 1:250,000 scale.


The original USGS digital topo maps (or Digital raster graphics maps - DRG) were produced from 1995 to 1998 by the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) by scanning the USGS's printed quadrangle maps. Development of this new generation of "US Topo" digital maps began in 2009. USGS uses eight data layers from TNM to publish the new GeoPDF maps. The layers include an orthophoto image layer from the National Agricultural Imagery Program (NAIP), transportation data of interstate and U.S. highways from the Census Bureau, geographic names from the Geographic Names Information System, contours, hydrography, a United States National Grid shown on 1,000-meter grid lines, and the metadata contained in the map border and collar information. The NAIP photography program acquires complete coverage of the 48 contiguous states every three years; thus, USGS will generate new US Topo maps every three years to follow the NAIP cycle. The 2010 US Topo maps for Indiana contain the 2009 NAIP imagery.

Click Here to go to the USGS map store site and download new GeoPDF Topo Maps of Indiana for FREE!


Be sure to turn on the [Show US Topo and "Digital Maps - Beta"] layer to see where new maps are already available. Until all of the new US Topo maps are produced for Indiana, the old DRG map are still available for download in the GeoPDF format, but there is only one layer in these files (the DRG layer) and only limited GeoPDF functionality is provided.

To view a brief summary of the 125 year history of USGS Topographic Mapping Click Here.
URISA's 49 Annual Conference for GIS Professionals (GIS-Pro 2011) will be held at the new JW Marriott Hotel in Indianapolis on November 1-4, 2011. Since 1963, URISA members and friends from around the world have convened annually to learn about, share and discuss all things geospatial. Whether you are an established or emerging GIS Professional, the GIS-Pro Conference is for you.

This will be a great opportunity for Indiana's geospatial community to shine, and to meet with colleagues and peers from around the world right here in Indianapolis. The new 34 stories, 1,005 guest room JW Marriott Hotel is being built to support the 2012 Super Bowl, and opens February 2011. This will provide an amazing venue for the 2011 URISA Conference.

More information will be coming soon!
Contributed by: Katharine Springer, State Data Center Coordinator, Indiana State Library

I am happy to announce that The Compass Product series has been cataloged and will be shelved and ready for use in the Indiana State Data Center on the Ready Reference shelves. These handbooks are all about understanding and using the American Community Survey, the Bureau’s annual survey of population characteristics. They are very useful – both for direct patrons use, and to use ourselves.

Here are the seven titles that are available:
- What State and Local Governments Need to Know (purple)
- What Federal Agencies Need to Know (brown)
- What PUMS Data Users Need to Know (dark pink) PUMS=Public Use Microdata Sample
- What Congress Needs to Know (turquoise)
- What High School Teachers Need to Know (red)
- What Researchers Need to Know (indigo)
- What General Data Users Need to Know (green)

I recommend the last two titles. These guides are easy to spot – with huge compasses on the covers.

The guides are also available in PDF on the Census Bureau’s website, here: http://www.census.gov/acs/www/UseData/Compass/handbook_def.html