In the last month another ten (10) Counties have signed the Data Sharing Agreement to become partners in the IndianaMap Data Sharing Initiative. This brings us up to 67 of 92 Indiana Counties on board. Each county partner will dynamically share their GIS Parcel Polygons, Point Addresses, Street Centerlines, and Jurisdictional Boundaries with the State and the IndianaMap over the Internet as OGC Web Feature Services. The latest counties to sign up are: Brown, Elkhart, Greene, Huntington, Jackson, Morgan, Parke, Rush, Switzerland, and Vermilion Counties

67 counties

If your county is still shown in yellow on the above map, please talk to your County Commissioners and discuss with them the importance, value and timeliness of your counties participation. To help the County EMA Directors accurately and quickly submit their "2007 LETPP WebGIS" grant requests, Roger Koelpin at the Indiana Department of Homeland Security has provided them with on-line templates in their iGMS system. For more details click here.