In the last month another five (5) Counties have signed the Data Sharing Agreement to become partners in the IndianaMap Data Sharing Initiative. This brings us up to 85 of 92 Indiana Counties on board.

Each county has agreed to dynamically share their GIS Parcel Polygons, Point Addresses, Street Centerlines, and Jurisdictional Boundaries with the State and the IndianaMap over the Internet as OGC Web Feature Services (WFS).

Our project team is currently working on harvesting the counties WFS connections and then publishing their data to the IndianaMap. Currently 67 of the 85 counties have provided IDHS with Web Feature Service URLs. Of these, we have harvested data for 60 counties and are working on the other 7. The current data on the IndianaMap includes 2,161 Jurisdictional Boundaries, 298,241 Street Centerline Segments, 1,229,788 Address Points, and 1,980,072 Parcels.

The map below shows the 85 counties in green that have signed the data sharing agreement.

IndianaMap Data Sharing Initiative Status Map
IndianaMap Data Sharing Initiative Status Map

Uncommitted Counties:
White & Newton (shown in yellow)

Non Participating Counties:
Lake, Marshall, Allen, Boone, and Hamilton (shown in red)

This is an important program for Indiana, so if you live in one of the 7 counties listed above, please talk to your County Commissioners and discuss with them the importance, value and timeliness of your counties participation. If you need help with this conversation, please email Jim Sparks, Roger Koelpin, or Phil Worrall for support.

Click here to see current harvesting results on the IndianaMap. The layers named "Address Points (IDHS)" and "Street Centerlines (IDHS)" can be found in the following folder: INFRASTRUCTURE > Roads. The layers named "Land Parcels (IDHS)" and "Government Boundaries (IDHS)" can be found in the following folder: DEMOGRAPHICS > Political & Other Boundaries.

NOTE: These layers are now also available for download as ESRI shapefiles from the IndianaMap Layer menu. To download, select the [d] button next to the layer checkbox. Clicking on the [m] button will display current harvesting metadata for each layer. You can also stream these data layers directly into your GIS Applications as OGC Web Mapping Services (WMS). Click here for instructions on how to do this -

Finally, here are some quick-link bookmarks that allow you to quickly view this data close up on the IndianaMap:

Map showing Land Parcels and Address Points for the city of Richmond, Wayne County, Indiana

Map showing Street Centerlines and Land Parcels for Johnson County, Indiana