Contributed by: Jim Stout
IGIC Orthophotography Workgroup Chairperson

The first 1/3 of our 3-year update cycle to create new Orthophotography & LiDAR Data products for the State of Indiana is well under way. Mother Nature provided us with yet another challenging flying season this Spring, but we are happy to report that our vendor Woolpert completed the initial imagery and elevation data capture phase for the center 1/3 column of the State.

Product deliverables will be scheduled to start this summer. Each county will receive a portable disk with the photos. The data will also be posted to the IndianaMap for viewing and ISDP for download.

Product Deliverables Are:
- 4-band orthophotos (GeoTIFF & ECW) for all center column Counties (except Hamilton County scheduled for 2012). Base product is 12-inch pixel, with 6-inch buy-ups for six Counties.

- Base product 1.5-meter post spacing LiDAR Point-Cloud classified data, with 1.0-meter buy-up for One County. (Capture Exception – Hamilton County and counties with existing new LiDAR).

- 5-foot pixel Hydro-enforced DEM (ERDAS Imagine IMG) Tiles.

The cost for the first 3 years of the orthophotography program is about $4.6 million. The primary funder is the Lt. Governor’s Office of Community and Rural Affairs. Other funders include IDHS, INDOT, NGA, NTIA, USGS and NRCS.

2011 Imagery and LiDAR Status Maps
ORTHO ortho-4-24.jpg LiDAR lidar-4-19.jpg

All of the initial photo capture is complete (the first flight was March 19, the last was April 19. It was a difficult flying season). A few areas need reflights due to cloud cover or hardware issues. This year, the 6-inch counties are Marion, St. Joseph, Elkhart, Kosciusko, Bartholomew and Harrison. Note, Hamilton is getting a 6-inch product this year using their own aerial photo vendor; the state will capture new photos in Hamilton next year. Ortho delivery is anticipated to run from July through September.

The LiDAR has been collected (the first flight was March 13, the last was April 19). Boone County opted to buy-up to 1-meter LiDAR. DEMs should be delivered in October. The State is not collecting new LiDAR for communities who already had a project within the last 3 years.

A program website is under construction at: We anticipate that detailed production progress can be viewed online shortly.