Purdue University Helping Build Resilient Agriculture for Indiana



Purdue University is a key partner in Useful to Usable [U2U], a 5-year integrated research and extension project that aims to improve the resilience and profitability of farms in the Corn Belt amid variable climate change through the development and dissemination of decision support tools, resources, materials, and training.

U2U [Transforming Climate Variability and Change Information for Cereal Crop Producers] goal is to provide historic and current data along with tools for more effective decision making for the adoption of climate-resilient farm practices for corn and soybean producers.  Corn and soybean production in Indiana is highly dependent on favorable temperatures and appropriate precipitation patterns, making this industry vulnerable to changes in climate patterns. Even though Indiana will always be one of the best regions in the US to produce Corn relative to other areas of the US, Indiana agriculture needs to begin building more resilient farming practices and systems to adapt to variable changes in Indiana’s climate.  For more information visit the U2U web site – https://drinet.hubzero.org/groups/u2u

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