Real-Time GIS Data and Analysis

SpaceCurve Promises Real-Time Location Insight

Article By:  Doug Henschen

Executive Editor, InformationWeek

SpaceCurve, a Seattle-based startup has introduced a new platform designed to spatially organize and analyze machine-generated data sources in real-time at extreme scales.  SpaceCurve uses a geospatial platform to bring location analytics to a streaming apps.


Partner Esri, provides ArcGIS as a front-end analytics interface for geospatial analysis and visualization of the data managed in SpaceCurve.  In one example SpaceCurve partner AirSage collects antenna and other anonymous data from mobile devices, like mobile phones, tablets, and even smart cars to feed the SpaceCurve database.  AirSage adds census block data, road data, transportation-network data, weather data, and other sources to develop real time location intelligence about transportation patterns, aggregated demographics, and more.

The possibility now exists not just for real time business analytics applications, but also for real time public safety intelligence and analytics apps.  For more information read the full story HERE or visit the SpaceCurve web site HERE.

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