Grant support can provide local governments with much needed funding for GIS implementation or expansion. This page is based on the efforts of the New York State GIS Coordination Program’s Finance Work Group, and is being updated to reflect funding sources specific to Indiana. What follows is a listing of grant sources that may be of use to State and local governments wishing to obtain funding to initiate, expand or modify their GIS.

Most state and federal agencies that offer grant funding opportunities do so within the context of specific programmatic goals that relate to the mission of the agency. This includes areas such as environmental protection, transportation, records management, housing, disaster mitigation, etc. While GIS may play a part in achieving an agency’s goals, it is usually not the primary focus of the agency’s programs.

To be successful, grant applicants must frame their request within the context of the agency’s programmatic goals. Programmatically focused support can give local governments the seed money they need to begin GIS development, or provide resources to expand existing systems. However, governments developing their GIS through a variety of programmatically focused sources need to have a comprehensive implementation plan. Through the use of a comprehensive plan can they be assured that the result will be the establishment of a system that meets multiple needs of the government.

Please let us know about funding programs not included here.