Private Organizations


Conservation Technology Support Program

The Conservation Technology Support Program (CTSP) awards grants of equipment and software to build GIS capacity to tax-exempt, non-profit organizations pursuing conservation objectives in the United States. GIS grants are made annually to approximately 50 organizations that can demonstrate: a strong commitment to conservation objectives; compelling reasons to use GIS in achieving those objectives; and the organizational capacity (budget and people) to use GIS effectively over a long period of time. Applications are usually due in January.


ESRI Grants for Livable Communities

Grants will provide applications, software solutions, data, and training to local governments intent on implementing programs for livable communities while championing increased public access to information and decision-making analytical tools. Awards will be made in the areas of law enforcement, public safety, cadastral, community development/public works, public access (Internet), schools, public utilities, health and human services and library services.


NACO GIS Programs

National Association of Counties offers GIS programs and funding opportunities.