Northeast Indiana Geospatial Information Community

 About NIGIC

The Northeast Indiana Geospatial Information Community (NIGIC) was formed in January 2008 as an unofficial association of GIS users in the Northeast Indiana region. Membership is open to all interested individuals.


  • Create a forum whereby GIS professionals and others interested in geospatial information may network with their peers to exchange ideas, techniques and experiences; to obtain advice about how geospatial information may be used to address the challenges they face; and/or to discuss opportunities for joint, inter-agency projects.
  • Establish a framework in which the various governmental units, academic institutions and private organizations of Northeastern Indiana may cooperate in the investigation, study, discussion and recommendation of improvements in geospatial information management.
  • Aid members in the development of a GIS and of GIS personnel within their agencies.
  • Provide a means whereby the membership’s opinions on geospatial issues affecting the Northeastern Indiana region can be presented as a unified professional voice to State government, to the Indiana Geographic Information Officer (GIO) and to the Indiana Geographic Information Council (IGIC).
  • Support the Indiana Geographic Information Council and legislation beneficial to the acquisition,improvement, maintenance, use and distribution of geospatial information in Northeastern Indiana.
  • Advance geospatial knowledge and practice through continuing education of GIS users, elected officials and the general public.



Officers & Contacts

Steven Hook, President
Michael Lautzenheiser, Vice President
Chasity Sandy, Secretary

If you have questions about NIGIC or would like to be added to our contact list, please contact any of the above listed officers.