Data Security


GIS Day Video – Indiana Representative Pierce’s GIS Day speech “Information Access and Homeland Security” (November 2005)

RAND Report – Mapping the Risks: Assessing the Homeland Security Implications of Publicly Available Geospatial Information. Complete report or download a summary by Larry Stout, Hamilton County GIS (May 2004)

Data Security & Implications of Geospatial Data Dissemination – presentation by Jill Saligoe-Simmel, PhD (April 2004)

Data Sensitivity – IGIC guidance for documenting your evaluation of geospatial data sensitivity

FGDC Guidelines for Providing Appropriate Access to Geospatial Data in Response to Security Concerns

Homeland Security and GIS – How GIS and mapping technology can save lives and protect property in post-September 11th America.

Managing Sensitive Information – article from GIS Monitor supplement (April 2004)

CERIAS – the Center for Education and Research in Information Assurance and Security at Purdue University