2016 Special Achievement in GIS Award Winners

The Special Achievement in GIS was created and first awarded at the 2016 IGIC Conference to those for their commitment of working with others in the Indiana GIS community and beyond, toward a common goal while preforming important, often pioneering work, to create an outstanding information resource.

2016 Award Winners

Indiana’s Local-Resolution National Hydrography Dataset Development 2011-2016

This multiyear project utilized Indiana’s 2011-2013 statewide orthoimagery and lidar to create a new local-resolution NHD map of all Indiana surface water at a scale of 1″=200′.

Recipients of the award were: Mike Martin–Indiana DNR, Dave Knipe–Indiana DNR, Greg Overtoom–IDEM, Joanna Wood–IDEM, Dave Nail–USGS, Joe Skalet–USGS, Chris Morse–NRCS, Rick Hill–Indiana Geological Survey, Chris Dintaman–Indiana Geological Survey, Phil Worrall–IGIC, Zsolt Nagy–AECOM,Susan Phelps–AECOM and Jim Sparks–Indiana GIO


Preserving Indiana’s Historic Government Land Office Survey Records

IGIC Pilot Project Grant with the State Historic Restoration Advisory Board to have the Indiana State Archives Land Survey Records digitally preserved and archived for online and IndianaMap access.

Recipients of the award were: Jim Corridan–Indiana Archives and Records Administration, Lorraine Wright, Jason Coyle–Indiana Society of Professional Land Surveyors, Rick Hill–Indiana Geological Survey, Jim Sparks–Indiana GIO and Clayton Hogston

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