Which States Have the Best Technology?


Results for the 2014 Digital States Survey are in, and they paint a picture of progress in the world of government IT.

Indiana’s grade this year is a B+, and in my book – that’s a great accomplishment!

In the map above, red signifies a grade in the A category; blue signifies a grade in the B category; and gray signifies a grade in the C category. Click a state to learn its exact grade, and why that grade was given. The contents of this map are also available at the end of this story

The 2014 Digital States Survey grades states on how well they use technology to serve their citizens. Every two years, the Center for Digital Government (CDG), the research and advisory arm of Government Technology’s parent company e.Republic, evaluates state government’s ability to improve internal processes and better serve citizens.  Read the full Government Technology Post  HERE.

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