StateScoop Recognizes Two Indiana Mapping Efforts in Top 25 Coolest GIS Visualizations

September 5, 2017.  Both the IndianaMap hosted by the Indiana Geological and Water Survey (IGWS), and the Daily Crash Prediction Map developed by the Indiana State Police (ISP) and the Management Performance Hub (MPH) are being recognized by StateScoop as Top 25 Coolest GIS Visualizations.

IndianaMap is a buffet of geographic information fed by more than 260 GIS data sets. These can map basic demographics like age and race or dive into topics like agribusiness, aquifers, coal deposits or critical infrastructure. The purpose is to provide a public platform that residents, researchers, journalists, academics and businesses can use to make better decisions. Created and maintained by the Indiana Geological Survey, IndianaMap is notable for being the largest publicly available collection of state GIS data out there.

Indiana residents don’t have wonder anymore where they’re most likely to crash their vehicles. In 2016 the Indiana State Police (ISP) and the Management Performance Hub (MPH), a state data and transparency office, launched the Daily Crash Prediction Map to identify dangerous areas where drivers should be more alert. The map applies historical crash data to rate crash risks. Visitors can zoom in to see where past collisions have been reported. The map also adds a color-coded layer to indicate the probability of crashes within 1 square kilometer and by three-hour time periods. Blue shading indicates low probability, yellow a moderate chance and red notes the highest probability for a wreck in a given area. Key takeaways from the map include a prediction that the highest chance for a collision is between 3 p.m. and 6 p.m. in the center of the state’s urban areas.

Source: Top 25 Coolest GIS Visualizations

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