Uses and Benefits of the 2011-2013 Indiana Statewide Ortho-LiDAR Program

Word Art

This Word Cloud was built from over 125 end-user stories collected by Jim Sparks, Indiana’s Geographic Information Officer, about the uses and benefits of the 2011-2013 Indiana Statewide Ortho-LiDAR Program.

The Word Cloud represents a list of keywords and the number of times that each keyword was used throughout the document. The Word Cloud therefore reflects the relative level of use by keyword — the larger the word in the Word Cloud, the more times that keyword occurred throughout the document.

This document is a collection of stories that were provided to Jim about how people and organizations across Indiana, and beyond, are deriving value from our Indiana statewide Ortho and LiDAR data. To download a copy of these stories click here: 2011-2013 Ortho-LiDAR Program Uses and Benefits

Jim’s Word Cloud is live and you can see it at:


  1. What a great idea, great collection of case studies, which can be universally applied to any government jurisdiction.

  2. Dan Davis says:

    This is AWESOME!!
    Was very surprised at how many people contributed to this effort!
    Great read and great Word Cloud!
    Keep it up IGIC!!

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