The Indiana Geographic Information Council (IGIC) is a nonprofit membership organization of GIS users, professionals and educators.  Our membership includes individuals from all levels of government, private industry, educational institutions and other nonprofit groups.  Administered by an elected board of directors, IGIC is recognized as the official statewide coordinating body for Indiana GIS.

Through our IndianaMap initiatives, IGIC’s mission to lead the effective application of geographic information across Indiana and our vision to provide a modern, accurate, documented, and accessible geospatial information infrastructure for Indiana is realized.


The IndianaMap is a single statewide map for Indiana. It includes the information people need most in a format that is accessible to both expert GIS users and the general public.



What We Do

IGIC coordinates geographic information resources in Indiana – we take the lead in getting people and organizations working with each other toward common goals.

IGIC provides education, policy guidance, and technology resources to hundreds of individuals and organizations throughout Indiana.


Coordination of Indiana GIS through dissemination of data and data products, education and outreach, adoption of standards, building partnerships and the IndianaMap.