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 Subject : 3/16/22 Meeting Notes.. 03/18/2022 02:29:53 PM 
Marianne Cardwell
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Thanks everyone for joining the call this past Wednesday! It was great to see all of your smiling faces (or at least to hear your voices). Here's a brief summary of what we discussed:

I showed how to run some more advanced queries in Pro. The following webpage was particularly helpful:

I shared some information about useful Python functions for calculating field values (see attached screenshot).

We then had some discussions where we discussed participants' issues with the software. One participant mentioned having an issue using the Calculate Geometry tool where the area returned was wrong when a spatial reference was specified. It turns out this was a known bug in 2.6.0 that has been fixed. See

Another participant asked if anyone knew how to resize highway symbols. After some research, we figured out, as a team, how to do so! Here's a link to the help page that provided us with the steps required:

Please join us for the next meeting on Wednesday June 1 at noon ET!

 2022-03-18_14-22-49.png [27 KB] : Python queries
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