Government Affairs Committee

Chaired by John Milburn and (open)


The legislative committee is responsible to identify, develop, educate and advocate for geospatial related legislation at the State, Federal and Local levels of government. Specific objectives include:

  • Advocate permanent base level funding for local government GIS and the IndianaMap initiatives.
  • Advocate permanent funding for an ongoing Orthophotography Program and other framework data layers as part of the IndianaMap.
  • Advocate changes to language to the existing Indiana Code to promote broad and open access to geospatial information.
  • Educate statewide organizations, Indiana universities, and others to support and include IGIC's GIS initiatives in their legislative platforms.
  • Educated Indiana lawmakers in the applications and benefits of GIS and the IndianaMap, especially to members of key Standing Committees (Senate Commerce & Technology; Senate Homeland Security & Transportation; Senate Appropriations; House Commerce, Small Business, and Economic Development; etc.)