GIS Administrator - City of Auburn

Posted: November 22

The Information Services department is seeking a hard-working, self-motivated individual to join our team as a full time GIS Administrator.  The individual filling this position is responsible for all aspects of the City of Auburn Geographic Information System (GIS), including all technical, policy, process, budgeting, awareness, and communication. The candidate will serve as the City’s liaison to all City Departments, and the County-City GIS (CoCiGIS) Consortium, providing strong technical and policy leadership to this group.  

Interested applicants can find further details of this career opportunity here.  


GIS Administrator - Joink LLC

Posted: November 8

The GIS Administrator oversees all aspects of implementation, configuration, and daily usage of ESRI GIS platform.  The GIS Administrator will be daily management of data and records.  Additionally, the GIS Administrator will audit that other users of the system are following established protocols and processes for inputting data and providing training or re-training as necessary.  The GIS system will be used for preparation of construction documents by our engineering team, inputting of as built drawings by the GIS Administrator, and generation of reports, release documents, and actual and simulated outage troubleshooting scenarios.

Interested applicants can find further details of this career opportunity here.  


GIS Analyst - The Polis Center

Posted: November 4

The Geoinformatics team at the Polis Center is looking to expand its team. We are looking for a junior GIS Analyst to support our projects related to flood mapping. The analyst will primarily work on our FEMA Risk MAP efforts, focusing mainly on data development, and incorporating flood and related data into FEMA’s Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM) spatial database. This requires a keen eye for detail and a solid understanding of GIS, especially using Esri’s ArcGIS Desktop products. The analyst may assist in the Risk MAP Discovery process, which requires pulling together various datasets for a community and participating in meetings with community stakeholders. At times, the analyst may be involved in other projects in support of the Polis Center’s Geoinformatics team.

Interested applicants can find further details of this career opportunity here.  


GIS Management Technician – Kosciusko County Surveyor’s Office

Posted: October 26

The Kosciusko County Surveyor’s Office is seeking to fill a vacant GIS Management Technician position. Primary duties include preparing Geographic Information System (GIS) digital drain location maps and watershed maps from field surveys, topography surveys and GPS survey data.  Edit and maintain maps on a daily basis. Also, create and maintain a database for all work orders for ditch repair.  Maintain related financial information, including balances, debts and collections on spreadsheets. Calculate and delineate parcel acreage affected by multiple watersheds.

Interested applicants can find further details of this career opportunity here.  


City-wide GIS Coordinator - City of Mishawaka

Posted: October 18

Manages the overall city-wide Geographical Information System (GIS) technology for all departments use. Maintains all aspects of ESRI ArcGIS software including installs, upgrades, and applications. Creates and maintains all base mapping layers including, but not limited to: aerial photography, parcels, building outlines, road edges, hydrology, street centerlines, addresses, business locations, city owned property, various boundaries, etc. Coordinates with various City Departments to supply reliable GIS data and specifically, interacts with IT Department to manage data servers and administrates databases on those dedicated servers. Reports to and accepts assignments from Assistant Director of Engineering, which ultimately answers to City Engineer/Director.  

Interested applicants can find further details of this career opportunity here.  

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