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GIS Project Coordinator (Data Analyst) - The Polis Center

Posted: February 15

The GIS Project Coordinator leads and executes a variety of projects that use geospatial data and technologies. The GIS Project Coordinator fills a senior leadership position within the GeoInformatics Group at the Polis Center. This group focuses on the intersection between crisis informatics, including, but not limited to, natural disasters and environmental change, and geospatial analysis. The analyst performs a variety of functions, from data creation to analysis, mapping, automation, and reporting, as well as collaborating with academic and community experts, governmental officials, and citizens. For more information, feel free to reach out to Marianne Cardwell at [email protected].

Interested applicants can find further details of this career opportunity here.  


Environmental Manager, GIS/Data Analyst - IDEM

Posted: February 14

As the Environmental Manager, you will be responsible for environmental analysis, as well as control or enforcement activities under direct or close supervision. You will perform assignments in one or more of the following areas: permit development and review; environmental inspections and/or enforcement activities; scientific studies; surveys and/or scientific analyses; assistance for grants and technical guidance to regulated facilities; government officials, and the public. You will act as a liaison to the program’s constituents (including various industries and environmental consulting firms), and coordinate with interested federal, state, and local agencies.

Interested applicants can find further details of this career opportunity here.


Data Analyst - Allen County

Posted: February 15

Under the direction of the Chief Deputy Assessor, the Data Analyst is responsible managing land/farm appeals, land studies, and annual ratio studies. The Data Analyst works alongside the field team, appeals team, and sales team in order to get the most accurate market data possible while assisting with the revaluation of all real property..

Interested applicants can find further details of this career opportunity here.


GIS Technology Specialist - Indiana Office of Technology (IOT)

Posted: September 28

The Indiana Geographic Information Office and Indiana Office of Technology are excited to share a new opportunity. We are seeking a highly motivated and skilled individual for the open position of GIS Technology Manager. Interested applicants can find details of this career opportunity and the position posting with the Indiana Office of Technology.   

Interested applicants can find further details of this career opportunity here.  


Assistant GIS Coordinator - City of Bloomington Utilities

Posted: July 27

Produces reports; creates and maintains map layers including existing water, wastewater and storm water map layers; and maintains Oracle and PostgreSQL attribute databases for the Utilities GIS. Assists with coordination with City and County GIS to establish and maintain system networks as they pertain to the operation of the system. Assists with coordination with Information & Technology Services on hardware and software maintenance, upkeep, and expansion. Assists with quality control and quality assurance of internal and external data updates. Attends monthly meetings to review the overall performance of the GIS. Trains staff; performs requested queries and analysis; produces requested reports, maps, and other geospatial outputs; and finds solutions for user GIS issues. Develops and modifies custom GIS applications and scripts for system users to improve the efficiency of the Utilities staff. Develops necessary programming in response to trends in GIS data. Takes all reasonable steps to maintain a safe work environment.

Interested applicants can find further details of this career opportunity here.  

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