2020 IGIC Virtual Conference

The dates have been set for September 29 - October 1. The first two days of the conference will include the dynamic programming you've come to expect from the annual conference, while day three will feature our Geospatial Coordinator's Forum.  

The registration rate is $100 for members ($25 for student members). Non-members may attend for $140. IGIC also has a special $300 rate for exhibitors.


“A Changing World”

We live in a world characterized by change. This is evidenced by our changing weather and climate, constantly evolving technologies, shifting priorities, and fluctuating budgets. As GIS professionals, we must quickly adapt and evolve in order to take advantage of the opportunities that are always present in a rapidly transforming circumstance.

To paraphrase John C. Maxwell, change is inevitable but progress is optional. In fact, we recognize that our particular field of expertise provides a powerful way to help others better visualize, interpret, and react to change in order to move forward with solutions.

Please join us this fall as we explore the paradigms of change that influence our world and our lives, and partner with us to transform that change into progress. This year's event will bring together professionals from across Indiana to share and learn how to develop, maintain, and use geospatial data and technology as a bedrock (foundation) to support virtually everything we do in government or in business.

Keep checking this page for new details to be added as we get closer to conference.